With A Twist Party Service and Party help: service NJ and Philadelphia
Tips and suggestions for throwing the perfect party or gathering
Please consider these suggestions so we can help you run your event smoothly
  • We do not recommend setting up the bar in the kitchen.
  • In order for the servers to work efficiently, please deter guests away from the kitchen.
  • Have all server trays and utensils ready before the party.
  • Make a list of heating instructions for different foods.
  • We strongly suggest a bartender for parties with 30 guests or more.
  • Have plenty of garbage bags on hand.
  • Have a bin for recyclables ready.
  • Do not forget wraps for leftovers.
  • Do not forget dishwashing supplies for servers.
  • Make sure dishwasher is empty before party.
  • Have garbage bins available for guests when there are no servers and for outdoor events.
  • Anticipate 3 cups/glasses per guest for drinks.
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