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Backyard BBQ Tips
Whether you're doing burgers and hot dogs, choice steaks or a grill based seven course meal here are some tips to make your backyard an oasis. Nothing makes an outdoor gathering more fun that great food off the grill, and With A Twist can provide experienced grill chefs to help make everything turn out perfect and to keep you our of the heat while you relax and enjoy the sun with your guests! Here are a few tips to help make your next outdoor BBQ event a success:
  • Organization is king. Have everything you and our grill chefs will need on hand and easy to reach. It makes the grilling go much smoother, and makes the time between the coals and your guests plates much shorter!
  • Have extra fuel on hand. If you're grilling over gas, pick up an extra canister, if you're cooking over charcoal, have more fuel on hand. Its always better to have too much than too little, to keep from running out at inconvenient times.
  • Keep en extra cooler. For both convenience and proper food safety, its good to keep any meats that are going to be cooked in a dedicated cooler, well stocked with ice, within easy reach of the grill.
  • Location, location, location. Make sure to put the grill in a location that is out of the paths of high traffic, yet easy to get to. You don't want little ones getting in the way, but at the same time, you want your guests to be able to queue up easily when the food is ready. (And believe us...they will definitely form a line!)
  • Cleanliness counts. Have extra garbage bags and/or bins near the grill to make for easy cleanup, and avoid the risks of cross contamination from trash that has come in contact with raw meat.
  • Above all....have fun! Our grill chefs are knowledgeable and experienced! Let them do all the work over the grill, kick back, have a cocktail and enjoy time with your guests!
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